Use your mouse to move and jump. Click near your character to walk there, click farther away from your character to run. You can hold the mouse button to keep walking or running. If you click above your character, you'll also jump. You can even hold down the button to keep running and jumping.
When you're ready to set out on an adventure, hop into the blimp. From there, you can travel to one of Poptropica's many islands, each with its own quests and adventures.

For Chrome and Firefox:

If you're on either Chrome or Firefox, open this page in a new tab to make sure you have the Requestly extension. Don't forget to click here to download the rules to upload to Requestly.

PublisherSandbox Networks, Inc.
AuthorJoey Nigro
GenreAdventure, Educational, Puzzle
Tags2D, flash, poptropica, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few seconds
LinksHomepage, Parents, Membership, Help, Blog, Support, Twitter

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